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Dear respected members of the Korean Women in Mathematical Sciences,

A year has passed since I was nominated the president-to-be, and on June 23rd, 2011, I was granted with tremendous responsibilities as I was inaugurated as the seventh president of the Korean Women in Mathematical Sciences. This past year, as I was learning the duties of president under our former president, Sun-Young Jang, I realized that our society has grown into one of the most actively participating among female academic organizations and how the status and position of female mathematical scientists have grown significantly over the years. I would like to thank on behalf of KWMS all those who have devoted boundless efforts and passion.

Every year KWMS, as a supporter of female mathematicians’ research activities and academic exchanges, has aided international conferences, leader’s forum of next generation female mathematicians, and training of promising young mathematicians, as well as contributing to the fostering of future Korean female mathematicians through popularization of mathematics by means such as girls’ research contests in mathematics and Sudoku competitions. Last August, we were also able to join an agreement with the Association for Women in Mathematics (USA), allowing us to actively participate in both countries as a full member. As a result, we worked to bring you an English version of our website to further grow into a global mathematical society for women.

We, at the KWMS, will not settle with the previous success and performances, but utilize this year as a time to take off and further our missions. We encourage many female mathematicians to actively participate so that our influence may become more prominent in the mathematical circle and that the opinions of female mathematicians may be reflected in the national policies. Finally, we promise to actively support the ICME-12 held in year 2012 and ICM in 2014, and to do so, we will contribute to the strengthening of academic exchanges among female mathematicians of Asia through this year’s Korea-Japan Female Mathematicians’ Symposium.

Our society is not of our own but of all of our devoted members.
We ask for your continuous participation and interest, as well as encouragements and advices.

Thank you.


Young-Hee Kim (Chungbuk National University)